Logo Quiz: Can You Guess The Logo in This Fun Trivia Quiz Game

Are you a fan of answering trivia when you are on a long wait? Do you have lots of lull moments? Well, sulk no more and get ahold of this amazing trivia game that basically revolves around logos. Yes, logos of different brands in the world! Logo Quiz is a fun and entertaining game perfect for those waiting moments or those times that you just want to relax and tease your brain.

Experience Logo Quiz on the big screen, by downloading it for free on your desktop PC. There are lots of logos to guess and you will definitely be hooked to it. Try it today and be on top of the leaderboards in no time!

52 levels of pure excitement and fun

Logo Quiz starts off with some common logos to guess. Most players find this very easy and fast to level up to more challenging levels. There are 52 levels in total and each one is unique and entertaining. Aside from the usual logos, there are extra levels that make players guess and identify some 200 famous slogans. There is also the Guess the Color portion in which you find out the colors of different logos given. A food quiz is also available in which players have to guess the food of some top companies in the world. Players can also choose to play the minimalist and expert mode when they are already confident to try the harder levels.

Use hints wisely

Again, since this game focuses on logos, there are over 3000 logos to guess. That would be so great especially if you need to pass time. Not all logos may be familiar to one player so this game can be pretty challenging. That’s why there are helpful clues to the rescue. One logo has 5 hints. And for every 15 minutes of your playing time, you get 12 hints, for free! So cool right? But of course, it is best not to use all the hints at once. Only use them when you have no idea what the logo is all about.
Aside from that, every time you answer a logo quiz correctly, you also get new hints. So don’t worry about the hints you have. Focus on guessing on that logo and win every level.

Top the leaderboards with friends

Logo Quiz also has a feature in which you can challenge your friends and family. Every time you guess logos correctly, you work your way to the top. And that is, to be constantly aiming to top the leaderboards. Challenge your friends and compare answers with them. Who is the Logo Quizmaster of all time? You also don’t have to worry because once you level up, each time you log out and log in, you won’t have to start all over again. You will go directly to where you left off.

This game is also great because the statistics are very detailed. So know who is doing really well aside from you! Logo Quiz has regular updates so come by and check out new levels and modes to try.

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