Partymasters: The Best Idle Game for Those Who Love To Party Party

Have you ever played Bowmasters? That intense aim and shoot game with funny and cool characters? Well, you must try Partymasters too because the visuals and characters are kinds of the same. Remember Lol Vein from Bowmasters? Yes, he is that main character in this idle clicker game who has his cool cat dancing with several female performers and funny characters up on the stage.

Partymasters starts with you click on Lol Vein to start earning. The only goal in this game though is to build that dream mansion. To do that, you need to earn stars by clicking on the screen several times. It is a low-brainer type of game so this won’t frustrate you as much as those strategy or adventure games in which you need to think deep. This game entails lots of clicking so if you do so fast enough, you increase the hype of the party! You get some free boosters such as literally dollars raining on your party.

These stars you earn may be used to upgrade headwear, bills, and more. In Partymasters, if you have extra money (real cash), you may purchase gems and other boosters at the Shop section. Aside from that, ads will pop up inevitably which may annoy some players at times. Leveling up is not hard to achieve in this idle clicker game and you may get your VIP reward in no time. There may be a point where you can let this game be on idle mode but leveling up will take more time.

Since Partymasters is an achievement-based type of game, you must check your achievements regularly to check the number of gems you can collect. With 40 characters to play with, you probably won’t get bored that easily. More players who play this game belong to the younger generation maybe because of its cool cartoony graphics and interactive gameplay. The only downside is that the song Bubble Butt contains inappropriate lyrics not suitable for children. Even if it’s very rhythmic and fun to listen to, it is just not good for kids to even hear it.

The Verdict

Partymasters is indeed an effortless yet fun PC video game. This game needs less attention from you while earning in-game currency too. So for those who like this type of game, Partymasters is a great game to install on your PC. Unlike other idle clicker games, Partymasters is more in-depth as it has an end goal. And that is to build that superb dream mansion you have always wished for. The game features less content as compared to other idle games but the characters are so much fun to play with. Overall, its visual display is awesome and audio effects are not as bad too. It is a simple game that looks enticing and entertaining. If you believe that these features are the ones that define an idle clicker game for you, check it out and download Partymasters on your PC today!

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