Benji Bananas: A Fun Adventure Game Of Swinging Proportions

Adventure games are awesome because players of different age range love it. It is very addicting and never gets old. Aside from that, these types of games make you look forward to what’s going to happen next. It may be rescuing a princess in a locked castle or fighting dragons that come your way. Or it could simply be a little funny monkey who needs to swing through the jungle and collect all the bananas that line his path. Yes, Benji Bananas is a simple yet perfect game to pass time or to unwind. It can easily be downloaded on your desktop PC and the best part? It is free.


Benji Bananas has natural light and bright colors upon startup. Visuals are really good that you would not get tired of playing it over and over again. The brightness makes you feel good and it uses upbeat and happy hues. The setting is in a jungle so lots of green lush in the background with tiny bananas hanging as the monkey swings along. The images are smooth and the characters look pleasant. The texture of colors does not appear blurry in any way so this does not affect the eyes when playing long hours. The character and even the bananas have a fluid movement which makes the game pretty nice to watch and play for a long time.


Benji Bananas has a fantastic visual aspect and its audio effects add to how good the game really is. The background music suits the visual display creating a happy atmosphere. There are forest sounds as well as creature voices as the monkey tries to get all the bananas on the trees. Voice acting is fine and is apt for the entire presentation. Overall, the sound effects are just moderate.


What most people really pay attention to when playing video games is the gameplay itself. Benji Bananas has super gameplay, most gamers attest to this. It is very cool and the controls are very easy to use. As you swing through the lush green trees, you need to maneuver the monkey towards the trees with bananas. That is it and your monkey may be able to get the bananas that are on his path. There are also some special missions to complete in order to have awesome rewards. Aside from that, experience riding in special vehicles to make swinging through the trees extra fast! In Benji Bananas, there are enemies that block the way such as tigers and spiky plants. So in a way, this game can be very exciting as you slowly progress.

The Verdict

Overall, Benji Bananas is a fun and exciting game worth downloading on your PC. All the elements are great and will not bore any player at all. The graphics and gameplay are superb making this game a favorite among different age groups. This game is not just to pass time but something to look forward to during your spare time. So what are you waiting for? Download and play Benji Bananas today!

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