Leo Leo

Benji Bananas: A Fun Adventure Game Of Swinging Proportions

Adventure games are awesome because players of different age range love it. It is very addicting and never gets old. Aside from that, these types of games make you look forward to what’s going to happen next. It may be rescuing a princess in a locked castle or fighting dragons …

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Modern Sniper: Intense Shooting Game With Puzzles & Trivia

There are lots of games in the market which suit each person’s taste. Some go for adventure games while some love trivia and puzzles. There is one game for every player out there and it depends on what a player really wants in a game. For those who want unending …

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Partymasters: The Best Idle Game for Those Who Love To Party Party

Have you ever played Bowmasters? That intense aim and shoot game with funny and cool characters? Well, you must try Partymasters too because the visuals and characters are kinds of the same. Remember Lol Vein from Bowmasters? Yes, he is that main character in this idle clicker game who has …

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